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On December 4, 2017, the Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue suffered a devastating fire that ended the lives of many animals who called this facility their home.  On December 30th, the Longhorn Steakhouse in Turkey Creek (http://bit.ly/2Coa29s) expertly and graciously hosted a pancake breakfast fundraiser to help  rebuild the zoo.  The whole thing was organized by Tamara Longworth with lots of help from her amazing family. https://www.facebook.com/teamlongworth


WATE-6 covered the fundraiser and the memorial service in this clip:



Your donations to the Little Ponderosa Zoo are very much appreciated as they strive to regain the structures that were lost while healing their hearts over the scores of animals who perished.  You can help here:



This blog includes photos taken during the fundraiser, including:

a fun and friendly Captain America from the local super-hero group Bam Pow Creations – they can send Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, and many more fabulous characters to your next event – check out their FaceBook page here:



a performance by Laurel Wright & Wesley Lunsford of The Young Fables out of Nashville.  Their delightful rendition of old favorites like Patsy Cline’s

hits blend superbly with original songs of their own.  Follow this link to their website:  http://bit.ly/2C3J5oc


Little Ponderosa Zoo 20171230 Fundraiser